Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Nihil Novi Sub Sol

Got a great new job made some great new friends

I have a new friend, a polymath producer who makes me feel inspired and uplifted, and also reminds me how little I know. She makes me want to be better, better at everything.

A lot of my new job is data and analytics, how we can measure and test to be better, how you can run a mile an inch at a time. I hope it doesn't make me narrow, I hope it doesn't make me hesitant to just take the leap

So here's my New Years Resolution: I'm going to write with emotion and passion.
I'm going to speak, write and act in a way that inspires, not deadens the senses.
I'm going to ignore data when it tells me that I should think less of people.
I'm going to say fuck the 4 hour workweek  and try to change the world.
I'm going to find great friends and help them build cool things that make our neighbourhoods better, our impulses more charitable and our lives richer.
I'm going to convince a pretty girl that I'd make a great boyfriend
I'm going to buy myself a Sodastream, and fizz the fuck out of this milk.

That's my New Years Resolution. Your turn.

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